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Services we Offer

Financial Wellbeing
Family Wellbeing
Vastu Consultation

We understand your specific challenge and provide you with easy to apply solution.

Balance Energy

We understand the eneergy imbabalce based on the specific challege and provide solutions to balance energy around you.

New Home Vastu

We help you design your house floor plans in accordance with Vastu and energy.

Our Working Process

Our process to help you lead a happy life.
  • 1. Understand

    We first sit with you and understand your challenge

  • 2. Prepare

    Then we prepare a map of your house, business or plot with necessary directions

  • 3. Solution

    Then we propose the solution that you can easily implement without breaking anything in the house.

  • 4. Verify

    After a few days we check-in with you to see how the solutions have helped solve your challenge and if anything else needs to be done.


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    Our Offerings

    We believe in the power of energy and how it can influence our lives. With our Vastu and Energy balancing techniques we help you reach your full potential in all spheres of your life from career to business to family and relationships. Our unique approach does not require you to make any construction changes in your house.

    About me

    I am Jyoti Vergadia, a passionate Vastu Consultant that loves to bring happiness to people's lives

    I am excited to spend time with you to find the perfect solution for your problem and bring happiness in your life.

    I believe in enjoying life to the fullest and it starts with inner happiness. I hope to help you acheive the same.

    have fun and keep smiling because that is all life is about.

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